Our Story

The Little Ladybug was created in 2011 when a little girl named Finley was born with the most gorgeous head of thick, dark hair.  Jane, having always had an eye for design and a talent for creating beautiful things,  began making bows at her coffee table for Finley. As her collection of bows for her own daughter grew, so did the compliments that Jane would receive for the beautiful pieces she created. In 2012 Jane officially opened The Little Ladybug doors. Jane's sister-in-law, Jessica, was among one of her first customers, buying accessories for her own newborn daughter, Briggs. Since that time, The Little Ladybug's collection has evolved and grown, and the brand's following of sweet customers and fans has grown along side it.  Over the past six years, The Little Ladybug has found its niche in creating custom pieces, made-to-match accessories, and classic favorites for every occasion. But the story doesn't end there...

In 2018 The Little Ladybug officially welcomed Jessica (Jane's sister-in-law and best friend) on-board as partner and business manager.  Together, Jane and Jessica have launched two separate lines within The Little Ladybug, Luxe and Classic.  The Little Ladybug Luxe continues to bring you made-to-match and custom pieces for life's most special moments.  The Little Ladybug Classic focuses on ready-to-ship favorites for everyday wear! Whether shopping for a birthday, holiday, or pieces to wear on the playground, The Little Ladybug has something for every occasion!

We are so thankful for the love you continue to show us.  This story wouldn't be possible without you!